Your Toolkit For Finding The Perfect Office

Your Toolkit For Finding The Perfect Office

Offices are the hub of your entire business operation. While they can seem simple on the surface, their idiosyncrasies will have a direct impact on your firm in one way or another. To achieve success in your office search, we must keep an open mind. Think of all the potential hazards, utilities and future necessities we may require.

Your Style of Office Space

Office lease negotiations or selecting from a commercial real estate office portfolio can be a tricky business. Every firm will require a different result. For instance, a small online firm may be happy residing in a small office space disconnected from the high street. While other companies may wish to ensure their office is a visible, proud presence in the midst of it all. Whether you come to own the building or not, your office will become a storied character in the life of your firm’s development.An office space provides the natural backdrop for the working lives of all of your employees. Your employees will likely be spending the larger portion of their week working, innovating and building relationships within this functional space. To that end, both the subjective and objective worth of value, can influence your decision-making looking for a space of your own.

Location Is Everything

It’s essential to begin by first investing intensive research into your location options. For different businesses, this may vary. Zoning laws may require certain kinds of business to stick to industrial districts, while other offices may be near residential environments.

Conveniant Location

To start with, it’s obvious that the ability to reach your offices is important. You must consider how easily your staff can follow you if moving your firm to another location. Or you need to begin the hiring process again. For some firms, this trade-off is worth it to secure a renewed and impressive space. Location is intrinsically tied to cost. Commercial real estate in New York is more expensive to acquire due to demand. Whereas in other states where they have plenty of commercial real estate space to rent. From 2007-2018, the purchase of 666 Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan caused considerable liquidity issues for Kushner Properties, a commercial real estate company. Kushner properties had secured its reputation with astute property management up until then.While small to medium businesses are unlikely to become over-ambitious, it’s important to know that, perceived value can hold diminishing returns. Ater your potential office tour, we would recommend scanning the local area to recce its suitability.

Finding The Office

The office you find most suitable will need to fulfil many requirements you set out to meet. It’s best to understand what those may be in the first place before you begin your storied search. Offices offer open spaces within which to apply desks, chairs and computer terminals. They're carefully calibrated environments that balance utility access, careful productivity-optimizing layout theory, and of course, a blank canvas for your creative efforts.Finding the office first means understanding what you may need. For instance, renting out office space in a secure industrial park can be a worthwhile means of protecting your company premises. While for others, a roadside or high-street option may be more suitable due to their public-facing engagements. Office spaces may come with parking zones for your staff, or may be located near publicly maintained parking spaces available for use. The interior of the office space is important, but first consider the exterior requirements you may need fulfilling. Do you require the use of a loading bay for certain materials delivered to your Brookfield office space? Do you require the aforementioned dedicated parking space, a space in which you can more manage your own security and convenience? How about exterior break spaces for your staff? Sometimes, a mini-courtyard can serve as a great means of enhancing employee quality of life. Even if that’s to provide a dedicated smoking area distanced from the front entrance. All of these requirements will increase your letting or buying costs, but they can be fundamental to set up with confidence.


The price of your Boston properties space is a valuation in flux. It can be affected by a range of variables that must be calculated. For instance, do you wish to rent office space within a larger building that provides its own maintenance and security? That may or may not save you money depending on where you choose to set up.

Your Budget

Additionally, finding new offices can be subject to availability. A sought-after location encourages buyers to close the deal promptly. This can influence the premium you pay to reserve your spot. Price is affected by zoning laws, and the commercial real estate market. Proximity to city centers, hubs of industry, or prestigious areas can raise the price significantly. Attending an office tour will help you see if this is as advertised.


For instance, think of the famous Silicon Valley in San Fransisco. The area has become famous to where a prestigious office may not offer more utility than others a little further out of the city. On the other hand, the inclusion in such a growing hub of tech innovation comes with its own price tag.


Yet of course, you likely understand that value deems price, sometimes clearly, or through subtle means. Renting office pursuits can add further variables to this approach. Like choosing a house for your family, finding an office means compromising and figuring out that which is most important to you. Perhaps you’re happy to be twenty minutes outside the city to lower the rental or purchase fees. Maybe the cost of inner-city access is more than appropriate. You know this will enable you to recruit better talent, looking for a competitive, impressive career path. Your office location and development speaks of your character as a firm. This is the reason purchasing for prestige alone can be important. Tangible value vs. intangible value is a great formula to keep in mind, because where you fall on those balancing scales can vary. Value forecasts can help you consider the potential future return on your investment should a purchased building need liquidating.


When choosing renting offices, there are two different types of office lease negotiations that's offered to you. This is important to keep in mind viewing the commercial office portfolio. Flexible leases relate to already-furnished office spaces, perhaps within a larger building structure, and work on a per calendar month basis. This can allow startups and humble firms to get their foot in the door of a proper working space. It allows growing firms to find additional available space as they grow their team and develop the Brookfield commercial real estate they own.

Conventional Leases

Conventional leases grant you a non-furnished office space within which you can apply your own IT managed services, desks, chairs, and fire safety protocols. Additionally, maintenance, internet access, security, and everything else it takes to keep an office running. Conventional leases are secured for a longer amount of time. You can negotiate more due to the commitment you are laying down ahead of time. Keep in mind the time it will take to prepare and properly equip your office space. This can factor into the operating cost of this project. Office lease negotiations should be long form, direct, and benefit from having all of your needs laid out on the table.


Ownership of your office space is a milestone moment for your small firm and now you own it. You have complete creative control over its maintenance. All the advice in this column, and after these words, should apply with much more impact should you choose to buy. This is because while rental agreements have an expiry date, ownership and mortgages are long-term and fixed affairs. You should attend an officer tour many times before coming to your final decision. With Boston Properties offered by JBG Smith, you should find this requirement answered in full.


Analyzing Brookfield property value is an essential part of your business accounting because it will be held as an asset in your books. Finding the right loan through a banking mortgage application can help you see how much you may be able to gain towards this move. Great questions to ask your lenders include the terms of overpayments, what your borrowing limits are, and what specialist terms the mortgage might hold.Additionally, you're required to provide your asset and liability accounting to said lender, your appropriate bank statements, and your growth projections. It’s worth applying for said loan if you're several years into operation and have a history to show. Otherwise, the added risk of your operations unproven stability could increase the terms of the loan to an unmanageable point. Provided you stay realistic, you should become approved for your fixed mortgage rate with surety.

Daily Life

The daily life of your firm is not an inconsequential process to plan for in advance. The working satisfaction of your employees in which they can gracefully apply their efforts, are the foundation of a carefully selected renting office space. To keep things simple, we must first consider the square footing of your potential Brookfield office. Do you have enough room for your staff to comfortably have their own working area? Do they have cubicle office partitions, or more of a modern open workspace terminal? Additionally, how can the navigable space be best utilized to get from point A to point B at either side of the office? How might a manager address the room, and where could the focal points be? Most importantly of all, how might you measure fire safety metrics? It might be helpful to economize the space with careful desk placement. But if it increases the potential evacuation time for a fire safety drill, it's not worth the cost.


Securing your office space is important. This is why managed office spaces are so popular for small firms. They can rely on the building’s larger security apparatus included in their rental cost. A certain amount of security infrastructure can be appealing to new firms hoping to rent. For instance, key card access, CCTV accessibility, secure locked gates and night watchmen can be in your serviced agreement. Security is interconnected with the environment that your building resides within. An office functioning with an inner-city environment is much more likely targeted by thieves, for instance, compared to a small orbiting town. However, no business and no office is immune to criminal targeting. For that reason, including the cost of said defenses should be a vital budgeting priority.

Presence & Activity

It’s essential to plan ahead for not only how your office will serve you, but how you will use the office. Do you require 24-hour access every week? How accessible is your office lot for delivery trucks, or to park special guests that arrive for meetings? When should you book cleaners, and how easily can they get into the building to complete their work? What services in the area may offer options like this? We can see if a certain space is suitable for us or not based on our approach of real planned usage metrics. For instance, certain areas may hold more stringent noise pollution laws after a certain time of night. For those working in creative offices, focused on sound or performances, this could prove a problem. Renting an office in a building that locks up by 8 pm may not be appropriate for young entrepreneurs that value an open schedule.Furthermore, we have to understand what utilities we will require. One large room for your computer terminals may seem like all you need, but how about special, private offices for your management team? What about segmented, secured meeting rooms with privacy glass or soundproofing? Where are you holding your conferences? How and where do staff store their belongings or take their lunch on any given day? What waiting area do you have arranged for visitors waiting to inspect your premises and initiative?These questions cannot be answered by us, only by you. The more you can fill out these answers with introspective and planned understanding, the more suitable your office selection is. Of course, not all offices come with these implements as standard. If something is important to you, you must be prepared to pay for it or develop said space within the offices yourself. You should keep in mind construction allowances and fire safety laws.

Working Styles

No two businesses are perfectly alike. This fact leaves us the important realization that an office can be perfect for one firm while lacking for another. Do you prefer to keep a standardized system of computer terminal nodes with collaborative suites encouraging mutual creativity? Or would you prefer an open collaborative environment? For example, having regular meetings, a focal point for the room manager, and an open creative space to work through ideas. An architectural office will require large plans displayed for the team to see. This will differ from a law firm that values the A4-sized stack of files above all.You would think that the Google offices would be the most straight-laced premises in the world. But no, a range of other creativity-inducing approaches have been taken to get the most from their employees. Such as, fireman’s poles, an open cafeteria, bean bags, and zen areas. Consider how your working style can better structure your office design, and from there, in what building this may be most feasible.

Negotiating With Landlords

Remember that negotiating with landlords is a possibility, particularly if you hope to begin a long contract with them. However, be sure to lay in the groundwork. Speak to those who are currently renting space from said landlord, or ensure that the square footing and other amenities are exactly as described. Then, be sure to include any requirements you have in the ‘head of terms’ document your agent is helping you draft. This is because once a contract is finalized, it is extremely difficult to push for these extra accommodations. Perhaps you require a certain renovation for use, or permission to paint the office in your team colors. Think of everything that you can now, and whittle these accommodations down to the most reasonable offerings. This way, you can ensure peace of mind is secured, and better emphasize your requirements to services such as JBG Smith.You must also be careful to understand which entity is going to take on the lease. If your limited entity or sole trading status is there to cushion the fall, it helps you avoid personal liability should things go wrong. Understanding the maintenance of the building should be financed by one or both parties. It can go a long way in clearing up future disputes ahead of time.Finally, ensure your contract holds a flexibility clause in which adjustments can be made should your business grow rapidly. We can't predict the tides of corporate life, and sometimes planning for the unpredictable is important. A clause that allows you to buy out of your contract with goodwill, or in renewed fit-outs to renovate the building could be crucial. Remember, like in life, we cannot attain everything we want. However, if we fail to ask for it, the chance of us achieving said allowances are zero.

To Summarize

Finding an office is an exciting but nerve-wracking new step in your business journey. You're sure to gain a stellar and practical result when considering these options. If you take the time to add up all the variables, staying realistic, and by preparing for the best or worst case scenarios. Also, by reading over fine print with a fine-tooth comb. With Boston properties and JBG Smith as your allies throughout this process, you’ll be in safe hands.